Photographing Hudson, NY
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Interesting, scenic, unusual photo spots in and around the town of Hudson, NY?

I'm in Hudson, NY for about 10 days, and I'd like to find some interesting places to photograph - day and night. Good spots in the city are definitely cool, but I am also looking for places I wouldn't find in a walk around town. I can drive if necessary, but I'd prefer to keep it under 30 minutes -- places I can drive to before/after work for some quick sunrise/night shots, for instance.

Some examples to inspire your suggestions: amazing sunset spots; a field where fireflies are known to gather; an old house/bridge in decay; a place where you've seen a lot of wildlife. That kind of stuff. Or not! Surprise me, challenge me :)
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Best answer: Olana, the estate of Hudson River School painter Frederick Edwin Church is just a couple miles south of Hudson. It sits high on a hill and has a fabulous view of the Hudson.

Across the river and about 15 miles south near the town of Saugerties is Opus 40, an "environment" of fitted rocks built by one man in an old quarry.

The Hudson Valley Ruins website might be helpful.
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Best answer: I believe this is the abandoned barn you seek.

Here are some better photos. It is in Tivoli.
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Best answer: Maybe this is too meta, but check with the poster of this question from the other day to see what they've found on their bike rides!
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Best answer: It's like an hour drive north of the Hudson area, but the peace pagoda / stupa up in Grafton State park east of Albany is interesting, esp. if you have an interest in Buddhism, and I took some cool pictures there years ago.
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