Don't wanna miss those miles
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Is there a way to make certain I am aware of my Capital One visa's bonus miles tie-ins?

Every so often, I'll get a card in the mail explaining that I will get an extra ten miles per dollar spent at Lowe's, which is a great deal for me, as a DIYer. I end up buying a big gift card that lasts me a couple of months and a nice big mileage bonus.

I have missed these before - sometimes I don't get all my mail at work, it would seem. I know they list some participating retailers at their "Perk Central" site -, only available by following a link on my CC account page.

(And, IIRC, the Lowe's deal didn't even show up on the "perk central" site at the time, so it might have been a snail mail only offer.

I'm wondering if there is a tricky way to make sure I know when that particular deal (or others) come up.
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