But they know so much about Wine and Chocolates!
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In a few days I will be staying with friend's family in western France, at a house they own. I will be in the UK the next few days. Normally I would bring wine or chocolates as a thank you for the accommodation, but France does these much better and cheaper than the UK (I am told). I am Canadian. What could I bring that would still be a great gift, that I could find in London? It should be something like food or drink, and something of benefit to people on vacation. Price about $50. The friends I am visiting are French/Canadian and appreciate quality/luxury
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I was going to say single malt scotch, but alcohol is very expensive in England, so that $50 won't get you very far.

England has some very nice cheeses. I don't know if they'd appreciate a massive hunk of stilton, but I'd sure appreciate the heck out of it.
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A large gift tin of amazing shortbread?
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A very fine sherry would be a thoughtful gift in your price range. A good single malt would be a nice UK present. If you can pick up a premium Canadian blend duty free on your way to the UK, that's a very good option.

I love cheese and am a huge fan of Stilton but bringing cheese to France is potentially coals to Newcastle.
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Fortnum and Mason, in Piccadilly, stocks some really excellent traditional British fudge, which I think you'll find different enough from Canadian fudge to be of interest. (It's the texture that's particularly distinctive; at least, I haven't come across crumbly rather than squidgy fudge anywhere outside the UK.)

Wandering round there might provide all the inspiration you need, actually - it's pricey, so you wouldn't need very much inspiration to get up to your $50 budget, but I assume it's all high quality. They've got some traditional English chocolates, if you wanted to go for chocolates of a style that the French (probably) don't make at all; they've also got posh shortbread, English tea and so on.
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...or go for something representative of Canada rather than the UK, and see if you can track down some maple syrup?
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Tea, coffee, biscuits. You can go with a single shop like Fortnum's, or try the independent tea merchants and coffee roasters dotted around town.
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French host/hostess gifts can be a little tricky. I would normally tell you flowers are safest.
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Scotch would be best but if not the new Gin distillery in London ( sipsmith ) has bottles for sale that hit your price range ( 20 -30 pounds ) .
Of course whether your hosts like Gin is then an issue.
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It's French and an online thing, but there isn't much that beats zChocolat for that quality/luxury/decadent feeling.
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I don't know - and this totally influenced from my french grandmother, but I was taught it isn't polite to bring something that could reasonably be expected to be consumed by gift giver with their host. Maybe that's uber-old fashioned, I dunno - something to keep in mind.
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I've seen Tim Horton's in London. If the family is Canadian they may appreciate a can of coffee and donuts.
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One thing that Canada does very well is Ice Wine. It's not particularly common in France, so if they appreciate wine, they might like the novelty of it.
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I've lived in France for 12 years and gifts that are to be consumed are the rule. FWIW, my French friends are aged 30-50. Wine that's local is always nice, so long as it's good (doesn't have to be excellent, just generally accepted as "good" by a healthy amount of people). Same for local cheese or chocolate, anything that shares a piece of your home shows thoughtfulness.

Really. Don't worry about its quality compared to French stuff. The French are much less snooty than they're often given credit for. The best-received hostess gifts I've given were ones with a personal touch.
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I think there are a few classics:

1. Colston Bassett Baby Stilton
2. Nyetimber english "champagne", or another kick ass english wine
3. Port / Scotch / London Gin
4. Jersey Royal potatoes
5. Tea

I would check out Neal's Yard Cheese first, and see if you feel inspired.
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