So Based On No Information, Can You Find It?
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I am searching for a blog written around 2000 by a woman named Annie. Very, very few details inside.

I remember being a follower of a woman who lived in Chicago who had a blog. Her name was Annie but I don't know if that was part of the blog title or not. She was a writer, maybe a poet, but I don't know if that was her paid job.

She kind of looked like Lisa Loeb, as I remember. Her blog had a light color scheme, a pinkish-red.

This was some time in the years between 1999-2003. It wasn't a short blog - she had been writing for awhile.

Any help would be appreciated! I would love to go back and read it again.
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Do you remember what she wrote about? I think that would help get you closer. Even a single post that stood out.
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Response by poster: She wrote about her boyfriend, and her mom, perhaps depression, and writing. I know - not the most original leads. I remember one of the last posts that I read of hers involved someone getting a Brazilian wax and her mom asking if that was the procedure where they wax your butt.

Weird story to have as one of my only memories.
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Best answer: Incredibly long shot, but was it She has been writing for-freaking-ever, and is in Chicago (although was also in NYC for a while, if I recall correctly), and does not look UNlike Lisa Loeb, as far as I can recall either Annie or Lisa looking.

The Wayback Machine has a lot of old iterations but digging through it is a chore.

I remember her last name, but am uncomfortable writing it here as it does not seem to be readily visible on her current site. MeMail me if you think that'd help.
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Response by poster: Hah! That's it!! It didn't look familiar at all until I saw the Wayback Machine's pages from 2001. I can't even believe you found that. Awesome.
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Response by poster: Aaannd here's the post about the Brazilian wax. Thank you, thank you!
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Ha!! Yes!
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Waxing Assholes is my new band name.
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Waxing Assholes is my new band name.

There used to be a punk band in Boulder named The Dancing Assholes.
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