Help me replace a blown woofer for a Spica TC-60
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How do I replace a blown woofer in a Spica TC-60 loudspeaker? The datasheet is here. I am generally capable, but don't know anything about building/repairing speakers. Can I get away with replacing just the one? Is there any danger of damaging the crossover (whatever that is)? The very nice guy from Madisound recommended a ScanSpeak replacement but how do I know if it will fit and/or work properly? If I'm reading the datasheet correctly, the original seems to be 180mm in diameter, and the replacement he recommended 170mm - is this a good idea? How can I tell if there's anything else I should try? What, if anything, do I seem to be overlooking? Thank you!
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Madisound is great and has been around forever. ScanSpeak is also excellent.

If it were me, and I had a pair of speakers with only one blown component, I'd replace both the damaged and the undamaged speakers so the pair was identical following the repair.
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The woofer in the Spica TC-60 is a Peerless 832732, according to the Spica datasheet, but that speaker doesn't appear to be available. Comparing its data to the ScanSpeak, it looks like the two speakers are quite a bit alike. I wouldn't hesitate to buy the ScanSpeak and put it in the Spica. Up to you if you want to replace both speakers at once. Wouldn't hurt, but not required.
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