Recommendations for a inpatient drug/alcohol rehab with complications.
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Recommendations for a inpatient drug/alcohol rehab (hopefully on the east coast) with complications.

A member of my family needs to go to rehab, mostly for alcohol, probably some prescription drugs in the mix. She also has an eating disorder, which is the complication. I myself have been through rehab and wanted her to go to the one I went to, but they won't accept her because of the eating disorder. We are looking into Gosnold in Cape Cod and Hazelden in Minnesota, she's already been through Betty Ford years ago and that isn't an option financially. Any suggestions for inpatient rehab that might be able to work with the eating disorder as well (or at least not be scared off by liability issues, she doesn't have to get treatment for the ED at the same time, the substance issues is a priority.) She has insurance. 12-step based would be good, but not essential.

Also, can anyone suggest the best (most medically competent) detox facility in New York City, in case we have to just get her detoxed and work out the rehab after that? Thanks very much.
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Alas not on the east coast, but The Meadows in Arizona addresses multiple issues with addiction. My loved one had a good experience there. It's not cheap, but am not sure what the financial limitations are if you say she has insurance.
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I believe that Father Martin's Ashley in Maryland is open to patients with eating disorders as a secondary issue. Terrific facility according to a couple of people I know who went. Christian based, if that matters one way or another.
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Thank you both, much appreciated.
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Johns Hopkins has both ED and addictions treatment.
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Look into Hazelden. Expensive, but supposedly one of the best.

I'd be surprised if most if not all good alcohol rehab programs didn't also deal with eating disorder issues. Many times these two addictions are related.
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Silver Hill Hospital in New Cannan, CT, treats eating disorders as well as substance/alcohol abuse.
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