shared web calendar with event tracking?
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asking for a friend who manages a restaurant: any recommendations for a free (or cheap) shared web calendar that lets users add and edit their shifts, that tracks when things are added or edited and by whom (by user themselves, or by a manager)? happy to host on our own server if needed.
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We use Google Calendar at work to track a pretty sophisticaed schedule that allows for user changes.
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Google Calendar is great, and it can tell you who created an event, but it won't tell you who changed it. You could set up something so that workers could see the calendar, but only managers could edit it.
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You might be able to use phpScheduleIt. Make each employee both a user and a resource to be scheduled. Grant each the rights to input changes on their own resource calendar, but require manager approval for changes. And group the resources together so that you see them all at once on the month/day view for the employee schedule.
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my daughter works for a 3 site local chain. They use Hot Schedules, and it seems to be working well for them. Definitely geared toward the restaurant industry.
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we used hot schedules too, it was awesome. they even have an iPhone app. not sure what the cost is though, but worth checking out.
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thanks for your suggestions! google calendar was not an option from the beginning; phpscheduleit was considered but discarded because the ui was not so great. currently doing a trial month of shiftplanning and will give hot schedules a try next if it doesn't work out.
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