Where to store 2GB .MOV files online?
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I have a Kodak Playsport Zx5 digital video recorder, and a full 16GB SD card worth of 500MB - 2GB .MOV video files. Where can I store them online? I'm interested in the following online video storage features (it would be great to have all of them offered by one website, but if that's not possible, I'll settle for a few): 1. Privacy options for marking videos as public/private 2. Free/Cheap storage 3. Ability to download original file at a later date 4. Ability to play video online
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Picasa will cover 1, 2, 4 right now. I would not be surprised if 3 is coming.

$5 will get you 20 GB of storage for a year.

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Although now I see that you won't be able to upload videos bigger than 1 GB on Picasa.

You can upload videos bigger than 1 GB on Vimeo Plus ($60 a year), but not using their basic option (limits you to 500 MB per week):


Vimeo Plus or Vimeo Basic covers 1 through 4.
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Your best bet would be to look into getting your own website. I use BlueHost and they provide you with unlimited space (yes, really!). This would be your best bet for several reasons:

1. You could set a variety of privacy options.

2. You could upload the raw (full sized, uncompressed) video files via FTP so they could be downloaded at a later date.

3. You could also upload a compressed version that you could stream, so it could be watched online. (The difference between the compressed and full sized version could be huge, so streaming a 90mb file makes more sense than streaming/downloading a 1GB file).

While this may not be the easiest way to do it, it is the most efficient way to accomplish a large swath of what you want done. Plus, having your own website is useful for more than just hosting files (although that is pretty much the only reason I have my own).
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