Google-fu is not strong enough
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Google-fu-fails-me filter: looking for a story / website about a company that makes travel into a game. A couple travels to a foreign country with a smartphone, sort of a game that makes real life travel even more fun...? Help?

Searching my browser's history and Google has failed me... I think it was a couple months or so, on a relatively high-profile news site. A couple bought a package, which involved a number of plane tickets that the couple didn't know where they were to... It sounded like tons of fun - except now I can't find the story or the company...

Help me, MeFis - you're my only hope!
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Best answer: Possibles? (beware, Murdoch group)

Where are you based? I thought the Australian one looked close-ish, but we could rule it out if we know you are (eg) in the US.
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Competitours touts itself as a "real life Amazing Race":
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Best answer: Could it be Nextpedition from Amex?
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In 2001, there was a similar TV show in the US and UK called Lost where contestants were dropped in the middle of nowhere and had to find their way back to London or NYC. It bombed - although I rather liked it.
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Response by poster: Aesop and Unsub for the win - I'm pretty sure it was a story on the Nextpedition.

"Lost" sounds like fun as well :) Thanks all!
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