Mainly we just want a Maine weekend getaway.
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Friend and I would like to spend next weekend in Maine. We'll be driving from NYC and have never been to Maine. We're looking for a relaxing inexpensive beachy weekend. The less driving the better. We can afford a motel/hotel up to $125/night and don`t mind "rustic" but no camping please. So, where in Maine should we go?
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Best answer: You should go toYork Beach, Maine.

Here's why:

1. Less driving - it's the first beach town you arrive at in Maine. It's not at all far from the southern border.

2. It's inexpensive. There is a whole string of hotels/motels right along the beach, walking distance across the street to the sand. They range from super cheap to luxe - pick your spending level. If you are into the rustic, there are those little cabin motels too.

3. It's stunningly beautiful. Long Sands is a long flat beach with hard-packed sand and a long run of shallow water in gentle surf. Short Sands is a fluffy sand beach with a nearby grassy park.

4. There are plenty of businesses nearby, so you won't have to drive while you're there (you probably won't want to). From almost anywhere along the strand, you can walk to restaurants, a tiny shopping village, an arcade, etc. Plenty to do for a weekend.

It's my favorite beach. There are other good beach towns farther north - Ogunquit is lovely, but traffic going into and out of town is hell, and overall it's a bit more upscale and concomitantly a bit more expensive than York. Old Orchard is also resorty and has a nice beach, but is a little more on the extreme honky-tonk side.
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If you go to Ogunquit -- which has a really lovely beach, nicer than those at Old Orchard but generally busier, and indeed also more expensive -- the hotel you should stay at is the Studio East. It is the most conveniently located. This weekend is the last weekend of the construction holiday in Quebec (it's late this year), so Old Orchard is likely to be fairly booked up. Unless you mean next weekend as in 12 days from now.

If you go to York, don't miss the Goldenrod, which is known for its salt water taffy. It used to have excellent ice cream, but I haven't gone there in years.
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I somehow kept writing Old Orchard where I meant to write York. Sorry.
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Nthing York Beach!
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Another vote for York Beach.
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