Do I need to keep my car registered if I want to only insure it but not use it?
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I work overseas, and my car is in storage in NC, but it doesn't get used so I figured I can keep it insured but turn the plates in since I want to claim TX as my residence state (have a TX drivers license, registered to vote and my mail goes there etc.) - do i have to have my car registered if i want to insure it but not use it?
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I suspect they are unrelated, but a simple call to your insurance company would determine if they have a policy regarding this.
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Hey there - not a direct answer to your question, but as an fyi - through my insurance company (farmer's) I can put my car "in storage" and I don't have to pay anything for insurance. I don't use it 6 - 8 months a year and pay no insurance during that time.
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I'm almost certain the answer is no. My girlfriend has a car on which the registration has expired, and she had no problem getting a new policy this year through progressive. The tags were even from NC, too.
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1) You generally only need to register a car if you want to operate it on public roadways. Cars not driven, or only driven on private property, don't technically need to be registered in most states.

2) I've never heard of an insurance company asking for registration information before.

3) Definitely look into some kind of storage rate. There are even companies which will let you do this for half a year, say with a motorcycle or sports care that you don't use in the winter. They'll usually drop liability coverage and keep physical damage only. Pretty danged cheap.
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Some insurance companies apparently take a dim view of insuring unregistered cars, seeing it as a set up to commit insurance fraud - e.g. burning an unsellable car to collect the insurance. I was able to insure a stored car once, but only with my independent agent's personal assurance to the company. YMMV.
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I had a classic car in storage that I insured although the registration was not current. I was using American Classic Insurance (or some such name). To me, it was no different than insuring any other asset I wanted insured.
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