"My Kindle can't play Angry Birds, but here's a handy list of bird species"
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Where's the best place online to gather simple reference lists and charts to transfer to my Kindle 2, likely as PDFs or monospaced text? Stuff like US presidents and World Series winners, with enough basic info on each line to fit the screen's width. Is there a site that specifically has stuff like this for the Kindle? Google searches for "Kindle reference "and "Kindle lists" don't really help. Thanks.
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Not sure but 90 seconds after I read your question I had the 2011 World Almanac and Book of Facts on my Kindle, and $7.70 less in my bank account. So thanks!

(In other words, would that solve your problem?)
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Copy list from Wikipedia (or whatever online source), paste in MSWord, adjust formatting if necessary (tables don't show up well because of the font resizing), save, attach and email to TheSecretDecoderRing@free.kindle.com.
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I got a copy of the 2010 CIA Worldfact book from Project Gutenburg for my Nook for free. They have Kindle formats there so no need for PDFs.

Also if you download CutePDF (free and very handy) you can print any document into PDF format so you so you can pretty much use any file you can print to make your own PDFs. Of course that doesn't help you find the data, but it does mean you can set it up however you like once you get it.
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Response by poster: (In other words, would that solve your problem?)

I forgot to mention actual e-book suggestions, although I figured there were cheaper alternatives, even if it took a small amount of effort. I just got a sample of the almanac, and the reviews are right, the lists and charts are too hard to read without having to zoom in. Guess I'll have to try something else.
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Best answer: Kindlepedia. Go nuts.
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Response by poster: Kindlepedia. Go nuts.

Seems like the best solution for now, thanks. It works pretty well, and it's nice to see it even saves pictures. But of the few I tried so far, the presidents page seems to make it hang, although it's not particularly dense.
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http://www.cheat-sheets.org/ but I don't know how well the PDFs there will display on Kindles.
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