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Can you help me list stories where a paid assassin teams up with their target to fight off other assassins? I have some, would like more.

I remember this as being the plot from Grosse Point Blank -- John Cusack is hired to kill the father of his high school girlfriend. He has a change of heart and ends up defending his target from another assassin played by Dan Aykroyd.

Then there's Elektra where a similar thing occurs.

Are there some other films you can name where this happens? Is it a trope, or am I hitting on the only two instances?
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The Bourne Identity and its sequels.
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Nevermind, I didn't read the question carefully, the Bourne Identity has assassins fighting each other, but no changes of hearts as far as I can remember.
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Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Happens sometimes in the Aeon Flux cartoon series.
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Exiled features two pairs of hit men; one pair is sent to kill a childhood friend of both pairs, while the other pair steps in to defend him. Both pairs quickly decide to team up to defend their friend against a vengeful mob boss, and take his safety upon themselves. I'm not giving away any part of the movie by telling you this; the movie is very, very well-doneand bittersweet.
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The Replacement Killers with Yun-Fat Chow and Mira Sorvino is exactly this's also a pretty entertaining movie.
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Wild Target. It just became available on Netflix streaming yesterday (August 1st)!
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This is in the ballpark, and related tropes like Fire-forged Friends and Rivals Team Up may have some examples.
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Red is a bit like this if I remember correctly.
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War, Inc. is another John Cusack one.
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In Bruges is a recent example.
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Formula 51 / The 51st State has that. Sort of. Also is has skinheads pooping themselves.
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Um, Blade Runner. Check it out. Ridley Scott. If you read the book it's based on the two main women are copies of each other.
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Ooh, Contract Killer (Sat sau ji wong, a.k.a. God's Assassin, a.k.a. The Hitman) is a great Hong Kong action flick that fits nicely. Features a young Jet Li just before he moved to American movies.
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Not quite the same thing since he's a contract driver, not a contract killer, but a couple of the Transporter movies have something like this going on as a sub-plot in them.
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Major major spoiler, but this ends up being the plot of Unknown.
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Not a film, but the TV series Damages includes this trope.
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Ha, I just watched the dumbest movie on Hulu that had this as a sort of plot twist: Kounterfeit (1997)

Also, the classic Coen Bros. flick Intolerable Cruelty.
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Also, Out of the Past.
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The first book in the Kitty Norville series has an assassin coming after her that she convinces is being used by bad people so he decides not to kill her pending his own investigation. They end up becoming friends and frequently teaming up to take down other people trying to kill her.
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The International (2009, Tom Tykwer)
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I saw one on an international flight last year, but don't know enough details to get a result in imdb. It was about this guy who comes from a line of contract killers, and he is hired to kill this woman who I believe witnessed an art theft. It's a comedy of sorts; his old mom is pissed he doesn't finish the job and instead protects the woman from the thieves; mom is worried about damage to their family reputation as killers. There is another guy who ends up along on the adventure (they stay in hotel rooms, hide in the country at the killer's childhood home, etc), and the woman and the killer end up falling in love. Ring any bells? I want to say it was French but I'm not positive.
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JenMarie, that's Wild Target or the film it's based on Cible Emouvante.

Saw Wild Target last night, it's amusing.
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Thanks, dragonplayer! I had wondered about that film on and off for awhile now. Also, I guess the woman was the thief, and I guess it's in English. The memory isn't what is used to be!

But yes, that is in the genre the OP is looking for (and I see it's already mentioned upthread)...
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