Wedding ring jeweler in Chicago
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I am ready to pop the question and am looking for places in Chicago to buy a wedding ring. Has anyone had success with a jeweler buying a wedding ring that they recommend? I want to customize the design a bit.
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I had a good experience with Ethan Lord Jewelers.
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When I was looking for an engagement ring, I was impressed by dimend SCASSI (their capitalization, not mine). They seem to specialize in custom designs.

I eventually bought the ring at Malnekoff and Sons Jewelers. They were very patient and attentive during the dozen or so times I visited them. They're a little more old school (they have to buzz you in!), but that's the kind of ring my now wife wanted. My wife comes from a family of jewelers (yeah, a little pressure) and they approved of the ring.
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Chris Timberlake did a good job building a custom engagement ring that took into account tastes, ethics, and budget even.
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Christopher Duquet in Evanston is simply amazing.
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Seconding dimend SCASSI, they had some gorgeous pieces and were well willing to work within my budget, but I happened to luck out and was given an heirloom piece by my grandmother before I put money down. Still, if I had to do it again, that's where I'd go.
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Seconding Christopher Duquet. He also has a Facebook Page.
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Thirding Chris Duquet. He and his associate (I think her name was Villi) were wonderful to work with, and Mrs. zooropa loves her ring.
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