Is this acid house techno electronica industrial?
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What kind of music is this? Is it called house? Techno? Electronica? Industrial? What subgenre is it? And more importantly, what is some other music like it?

I get a very 90s computers vibe from it, but I'm not really sure what this scene is called. Is it Japanese-exclusive? What's it called? Etc. etc.
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Best answer: Generically, the non-Serial Experiment Lain tracks I'd be tempted to call (loosely) EBM or industrial. (It sounds like DJ? Acucrack to me.) "Psychedelic Farm" sounds a bit like tribal house.

A lot of OSTs have this vibe. Spirit of Gamer might help you out.
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Best answer: I was about to suggest DJ? Acucrack.
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The first track starts off with breakbeat, then gets into progressive trance. A bunch of the other tracks feature what I'd call "Big Beat, which is largely a dated genre, peaking in the early-to-mid 1990s, dying after that. There are a lot of other elements mixed in, and it's not exclusive to Japan.

Here is the Discogs entry for Cyberia Mix, though it looks like this might be the biggest/only thing the two producers worked on.

Otherwise, here are some "notable" big beat artists on Wikipedia. If you plug their names in, you can find other mixes, labels and compilations they've been on that might tickle your ear.
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Some stuff reminds me of The Crystal Method and is commonly found under "chemical" or "breakbeat" or "big beat" popular in the 90's. Fatboy Slim has a few tracks on "Better Living Through Chemistry" that are kind of like this style.
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Some of these tracks are definitely up the breakbeat / bigbeat alley. Check out older Fatboy Slim, Plump DJs, Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method, NAPT, Stanton Warriors, and Pendulum.
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Best answer: I can't listen to that at work right now, but if you want to learn more about electronic music, I recommend Ishgur's Guide
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And I'll be the jerk who points out that Ishgur's Guide is highly subjective, and in places it's completely accurate.
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Ishkur's guide is deliberately thin on the EBM/Industrial end of things, too. He has said he's not interested in any delineation of industrial-related genres.
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(...any further delineation.)
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