Lyonnaise chocolate imported the States?
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Can I get Bernachon (Lyon, France) chocolate shipped to the U.S.?

I absolutely love Bernachon chocolates, but living in the United States has put quite a damper on that. I've searched their website extensively, but I'm afraid I don't speak enough French to call the store and ask. Their website talks about shipping, and I'm perfectly willing to pay a premium for the service, but I'm not sure if they are willing and able to ship all the way to the States. Does anyone have any experience with this chocolatier, and could offer any advice?
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Their English order page indicates they do international shipping at an extra charge at the bottom.
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Send them an email, in English, asking if they ship to the US. They should be able to answer you.
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Note that the shop is closed from 23 July to 23 August. So if you don't hear back from them promptly, that may be why.
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