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Selling my car (in California); am I getting screwed?

Potential buyer coming by this morning to buy the car for cash in hand (around $1.5k) for my '93 Honda. My big concern is how to vouch for releasing myself from liability in the case of tickets or fines incurred once I release the car.

I asked about going to the DMV together and just filling out all the requisite paperwork to get all of it out of the way, but the guy insists that he can just go do it himself through AAA and save us the time. I checked it up, and AAA does in fact offer those DMV services in California.

However, what can I do as the seller once he leaves with the car, pink slip, and bill of sale to protect myself?
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Best answer: The pink slip you both have to sign breaks into two parts. One is for you to "release liability" the other is for him/her to use to register the car in his name. Date (though not time) of sale is on the pink slip, so you're released from that date.

If he gets a ticket while driving home it will go to his license, if he parks incorrectly you should be fine though, by the time they process the paper work your pink slip liability release will have shown up, send it immediately, technically you have 5 days.
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Why not go with him to AAA? That's what I did when I sold my car in CA.

I think there's also a form you can file with the DMV yourself, but I just went with and we did everything there.
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Yep, send in that liability release quickly and you'll be fine. If you're super paranoid, take it directly to the DMV immediately after you sell him the car.
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Just fill out and return this release of liability form and you'll be fine.
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