People can do the work / So that machines have time to think
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The B(if)tek song Machines Work has a of sample of someone saying "machines can do the work, so that people have time to think" and "to make reality of imagination". The first sample is also recut to "people can do the work, so that machines have time to think". Does anyone know the source of these samples?

I'm assuming it's not recorded specifically for that track - "people can do the work" has odd intonation that matches the parts of the "machines can do the work" version.
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Best answer: From the comments of the linked video, it is from the Henson Company/Raymond Scott's 1967 "Paperwork Explosion". Check this video at around 4:00.

Also thank you for reminding me of these ladies!
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Response by poster: damnit! OK, so I didn't think to check that... thanks...
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Response by poster: Paperwork Explosion doesn't include the "to make reality of imagination" part, but that's from Raymond Scott's promo for the Bendix Corporation... I'm sure I've googled those same terms before...
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Yeah, that's the guy!

See also.
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Response by poster: ah, he's the guy that did Powerhouse! it all comes together...
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The "Machines should do the work" thing was also used by The Kleptones in A Night at the Hip-Hopera, a Queen/hip-hop/lots of crazy sound bytes mashup album. Probably the track called "Work", but I can't check it now.

Thanks for posting this question, I've often wondered where that came from.
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