Scrolling text on multiple slides in PowerPoint?
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We need a PowerPoint presentation to scroll text continuously, like movie credits, but looped over and over again for a kiosk. I can use the Credits animation scheme on the slides, but there's a long gap of time between slides where it shows nothing. How can I make it more seamless and have zero space between slides?
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If you can get someone to encode your credits animation in Flash, you could then use Swiff Point (which is free) to insert the Flash into your PPT.
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(Just do the whole thing in flash. Use the free trial, if you don't own it. You can teach yourself how to make something like you described by following half an hour's worth of tutorials.)
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Is there an equivalent of Swiff Point for Mac OS X?
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You should simply be able to set your slide transitions to advance automatically after 00:00 seconds and have them switch instantly.
My quick test show using powerpoint 2000 did this, and I'm pretty sure newer versions will do it as well.
Just right click on any slide (in powerpoint 2003) and set the advance slide time to 0:00 (should show up in lower right corner of screen). Apply the transition to all slides and you should be good to go.
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