Who is Granny Bard?
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Who is Granny Bard?

There's a newbuild close just around the corner from me here in east London which has the unusual name 'Granny Bard's Lane'. There's another thoroughfare in Norfolk with the same name. Who is she? WHO IS SHE?
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A character in this book?
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A character in this book?

That book appears to have been published in 2007.
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Best answer: The development in Stratford called "Granny Bard's Lane" was originally called "Old School Close", which was the previous use of the site in the mid 1900s. Before the school, that patch of land was undeveloped and had no such name.

The original "Granny' Bard's Lane" is thus the one in the parish of Horstead with Stanninghall in Norfolk, which was called that at least as early as 1880. It could well be an alternative spelling of the local family name Bird, which sometimes appears with that spelling on the census. Beyond that, I can't help.
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