Do you have a bookmark bar starter pack?
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Is there anywhere online that provides a generic bookmarks file?

Hi, I'm setting up a work laptop with two browsers: a copy of Chrome that is password protected and mine alone, and a copy of Firefox which doesn't save data and is for the large number of coworkers who use my laptop on a regular basis. I'm looking online for a generic bookmarks file (bookmarks.htm?) that loads into a bookmarks bar (maybe using folders) and gives quick access to major online services (gmail, facebook, etc), major newspapers and magazines (NYTimes, Atlantic) and other webpages generally useful or interesting to people who work at a small magazine. In the future, we may put these bookmarks on every machine in the office.

I'm surprised that there aren't more "bookmarks bar starter packs" that give me a good place to start to craft a bookmarks bar.

Thanks guys!
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If you don't mind creating the initial set of bookmarks yourself, you can use Xmarks to sync it with multiple other computers fo free. It even has a discovery service on the homepage thatwill help you find the most interesting webpages bookmarked by users across a variety of topics, if you're having trouble thinking of useful links.
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2nding XMarks... it's worked really well for me, and it was recently saved from going belly-up, so use it lots!
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Best answer: This is not a bookmarks file, but a page of links that sort of serves the same purpose:
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Response by poster: Thanks yoga! I thought I was going to have to repost the question because it is a strange question. Allmyfaves is a great place to start, although I think I'm going to have to compile the file myself.

Also, for internet posterity, this is what Google returns for webpages titled "bookmarks.htm".
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