Toronto gigs?
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Toronto Music Scene question: what are the best places for singer/songwriters to perform in Toronto, Canada?

We are two solo performers booking a tour through the Northeast and would like to book some shows in Toronto. Thanks!
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What size of venue are you looking for?

Toronto has an epic crapload of venues for music ranging from tiny to massive.

Hugh's Room is one place that books a lot of singer-songwriters. It's a great room but it's a sort of dinner theater set-up, which may affect how tickets sell-through, I dunno.
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What style of music do you play?

There's the Holy Oak, Tranzac, The Local, The Cadillac Lounge, The Dakota, ...
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I think it's hard to get a show at Hugh's Room. The Central seems to be quite open to shows. Maybe Mitzi's Sister?
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how old are you? what's your audience? how big of a draw could you pull? there are hundreds of venues - help us help you!
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