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Waste my time! [mi]

I'm looking for some online entertainment in any shape, size or form that will keep my mind occupied for anything between five minutes and a few hours when I'm bored. Long running strategy games with multiple players are especially favoured (yes, I'm prone to world domination fantasies), free is a must. No arcane things with numbers, please, also nethack is not my thing. Thanks!
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I've become highly addicted to TextTwist as of late, but I was an English major, whatever that means.
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Possibly worthy of an FPP if it has not been already :
Andkon loads of ad free fun and arcade classics!
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Well, if you particularly like long running strategy games with multiple players, then you probably already know about Diplomacy, but if you don't, please for the love of god check it out. I'm not sure how much it'll keep you occupied for more than 10 or so minutes at a time, but it's FUN!
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I guess most people here already know Ferry Halim's games but the site is still worth a mention; it takes a while to play through them all!
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BoingBoing just linked to a java version of SFCave. It looks interesting but I don't really want to get hypnotized this early in the morning. [MetaFilter is still the best answer. Remember, it's more addicting than crack.]
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Yay WEBoggle! Our very own Plutor wrote that game.
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Popcap, MiniClip, MSN Game Zone and Shockwave all offer a variety of free games you can play online.

There's also The Riddle, and the Mystery of Time and Space / The Crimson Room / The Blue Room escape games.
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This simple little thing still amuses me after many hours playing with it.
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Three cheers for Plutor. WEBoggle is a big hit at our house. While it is hard to beat everyone playing online, we have enough net connected computers to get a pretty good game going against each other. The added advantage is that WEBoggle automates the dictionary checking you otherwise would do manually with the board game version. We play the board game version too, but mostly because it's better socially.
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I second InKoate. Diplomacy is incredible. Games can takes months or years. You can spend five minutes or five hours on strategy or communications with the other players, and because it's all done through email, you don't have to be online at the same time.
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Kingdom of Loathing is silly fun.
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NANACA†CRASH!!, for the homicidal cyclist in all of us.
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Orisinal games are one of my favorites. Simple, cute, yet frighteningly addictive.
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Little Fluffy is an ongoing Flash games blog by none other than Lore of Brunching fame.
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NANACA - 999.99m. cool
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Go read some of the books at Project Gutenberg or other online public access ebook sites. Victorian pulp fiction has become my latest guilty pleasure.
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Try War of Conquest. It's a massively multi-player war game that actually awards cash. Personally I had to stop playing because it became a bit compulsive, but it is fun.
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This thread marks the end of my academic career, you bastards.
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I second geeky's recc of PopCap Games.

I especially like PsychoBabble where you compete online to make magnetic poetry. Insane Aquarium, Candy Train, Bejewelled, and Rocket Mania are nice solo games too.
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Earth 2025 has been a longstanding favourite of mine. It's a lovely web-based multiplayer war/diplomacy strategy game whose tournaments last a few months.
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3D Pong. 'nuff said.
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Snood & TextTwist. Snood is only free for 30 days.
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Carcassone is an amazing multi-player strategy game. No online version, but very fun to play in person with others.
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