R.I.P. Aquabuddha V
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Creative uses for fishbowl?

For whatever reason, I am unable to keep a fish alive in my office. I've had luck with goldfish in bowls in the past, but not this stretch. I've now killed off Aquabuddha V, and need at least a period of mourning.

Is there anything creative I can do with this 1 gallon fishbowl and marbles, without fish? The shelf where it must sit is sunny, with southern exposure. There are a couple plants on the shelf that are happy.

Random thoughts I've had include a water lily, those underwater stalactite things, and fake fish. No idea if any of those are feasible.

Looking for ideas, thoughts, experience. I am open to functional uses. I could also bring home if there is a better use here.

Thanks, Mefites.
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Crystal garden?
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You can turn it into a terrarium and plant succulents or air plants that only require good airflow and very little watering.
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Make a fairy bowl. Drop random shiny objects in it (earrings that lost a mate, Mardi Gras beads, toys) for random fairies who wander by to play with. Or just call it a bowl of bling if you like.
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Put some sand and air plants in it. More specifically breeds like these. I've bought from this woman before, and I'd recommend sending her a message for information - she's very helpful.

I kept fish for a while too, but found a clean bowl of sand and a single cool but easy-to-care for plant was much better. Also, I water mine 2 to 3 times a week, if you're curious.
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If you want to stick with water & try some plants, nano aquarium. These are specifically aquatic gardens that are in up to 5 gallon tanks, but I think it's kind of loose -- I've seen people referring to their 10g nano tank...
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If you don't mind taking some time over it, you could fill it with origami lucky stars (those are jars, not a fishbowl, but you get the idea). Instructions here, amongst other places. Mario-style eyes are strictly optional.

I really like the idea of a waterlily, but I suspect they need more space than a one-gallon fishbowl could provide.
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The answer is Growing Dinosaur I.
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Chocolate Rocks look just like aquarium gravel; my neighbor keeps some in his living room, to suprise guests.
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A goldfish nightlight. My best friend found one at a craft fair; the artist had cut a hole in the bottom of the bowl for a light bulb and then , inside the bowl, created a mosaic of a goldfish, water and seaweed, using bits of broken glass (orange, blue, green). It's whimsical and useful and cheers me up tremendously.
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Terrarium would be a good option. Lots of supplies and examples on etsy.com. tillandsia/air plantand succulent supplies.
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A turtle? Lizard?
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Be aware that most air plants are dyed, which I personally final detestable, but since they tend to be low-chlorophyll, grayish critters... Just an FYI.
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That being said, the lovely link from DisreputableDog doesn't seem to sell those abominations. Her plants are pale & natural.
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I have a fishbowl with gravel, a plastic castle and palm tree and a can of tuna fish at the bottom.
It has, on occasion, evoked smirks, chuckles and even the occasional guffaw.
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I bought some fish made of glass attached to glass bubbles so they float in water for my turtle (she bit the interlopers) a few years ago at the state fair. They were a couple of dollars each. I found a dead listing for them on the U.K. amazon so you can see what they look like.

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