Need good iphone entertainment for AFK month.
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Away from computer for 3 weeks. Can you recommend some engaging, long lasting iPhone games to keep me occupied? Paid or free.

iPhone 4. I'm looking for games that are quick-paced and engaging enough for my distracted self (No crawling, text-dominated RPGs for example), but also long lasting enough that I could always have something I want to play for the next few weeks (For example, much more depth than Angry Birds). I don't play many video games & don't know what the iphone has to offer. Online games aren't an option. A set of 3-4 really solid >$5 games would be ideal.

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Sword and Socery EP: It can be completed in a couple of hours, or it can take a whole month brilliant game
Tony Hawks Pro Skater: It was a revival of my childhood, but still really good.
Lux Deluxe: If you enjoy risk then this is hours of fun.
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You might like Osmos.
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Coindrop, Azkend, Zenbound, ABCA
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I really like Puzzle Quest. It's fun. (You can get the "lite" version first to try it out.)
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Boxed In. Some of the levels are very tricky!
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Seconding Boxed In and Boxed In 2. I am still stuck on Level 50 of Boxed In 2 after 6 months of occasional tries. Great game.
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What about Monkey Islands 1&2?

I like puzzle games. In particular, I recommend Trainyard (free Trainyard Express has an entirely different set of puzzles to see if you like the style), Helsing's Fire, Pinch and Theseus and the Minotaur. Plants vs. Zombies is also a lot of fun.
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Plants vs. Zombies
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I really liked the puzzle game "Trainyard".

The good news is that there is a free version with tonnes of levels to play - so that'll keep you occupied for a good couple of hours. After that, if you want more then the full version was (when I bought it) only 59p.
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I've been playing Sid Mier's Civilization Revolution for a long time. If you like (or might like) Turn-Based Strategy Games, it's a hoot.

Also, Words With Friends, assuming you have internet access.
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Tank Hero and Tower Defense are great.
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I spend far too much time playing iPhone games.

+1 on the Monkey Island games, though the controls can be annoying. There are other graphic adventures on the iPhone, though I haven't tried them myself: I've noticed Flight of the Amazon Queen, Myst, Beneath a Steel Sky and Simon the Sorcerer I and II.

If puzzle games are interesting, I can recommend a few:
- There's Robo Logic, in which you have to program a robot to navigate an arena and activate a number of special tiles. It can be quite difficult to solve a level at all - you only have so much memory to store commands in - and then you have the challenge of completing each one with the fewest commands possible. There's a free version with the first few levels.
- Continuing on the robot theme, there's also Shiny Robots, in which you need to manipulate the environment (pushing blocks around) in order to make a path for your robot to the exit. Again, there's a Lite version.
- Atsumari, Jabeh and PathPix are logic puzzle games, all quite addictive and with plenty of puzzles.

If you haven't tried Cut the Rope yet, getting three stars on all the levels demands plenty of thought; I find it pretty engaging.

Sparkle the Game is a marble-shooter by the makers of Azkend, which has already been recommended in this thread (+1, by the way). It starts easy but gets much harder.

Sporcle gives you tons of trivia quizzes from the eponymous website. More every day, given Internet access.

World of Goo is delightful. There's no free version, but *everyone* likes World of Goo.
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Adventureloop: I'm looking into to Sword and Sorcery, there seem to be two versions: micro for $3 and universal for $5. I don't own a iPad, so the $5 universal version doesn't seem necessary. Does it include more content for the extra $2, or just iPad compatibility? Are universal versions typically better updated/maintained?

Thanks for all the suggestions! I'm buying a few mentioned here (definitely plants v. zombies and zenbound).
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These are some I've enjoyed. It's been a while since I've played iPhone games so these are a bit older. Mose of these are arcade-style games, with a reasonable amount of play time. I don't like most puzzle games, but there are some some exceptions:

- Rolando
- Rolando 2
- Soosiz
- Ragdoll Blaster (puzzle game)
- Ragdoll Blaster 2 (puzzle game)
- i Love Katamari
- Jet Car Stunts
- Chopper 2
- Edge (puzzle/arcade)
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These have held my attention for more than 10 minutes:

* Sword and Poker - Poker puzzle game with a RPG theme (free version available)
* Dungeon Raid - Match 3 game also with a RPG theme
* Spirit - Vector-styled twitch game
* Helsing's Fire - Puzzle game with vampires and high-fives
* Osmos
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Beyond Ynth is a fabulous platformer. The levels are fairly short and there are a ton of them, and there are links to video solutions of all of them right in the game in case you get really stuck. You play a ladybug who must flip over and move boxes to get 2 diamonds and reach the end of the level. Note that the diamonds are optional, for high scores.

If you like word games, I highly recommend iAssociate 2 and 7 Words. iAssociate 2 will give you a word, say black, and you have to come up with the adjoining words. For example, white, color, dark, etc. 7 Words gives you clues and all the words are broken up into 2 or 3 letters on tiles. There's a very similar game in a lot of those puzzle magazines you can buy. Don't bother with the first iAssociate - all the levels are included in iAssociate 2. Both games come with several levels included and have the option to buy more.

I adore Donut Games' entire lineup, all of which feature short levels and lots of them. Particularly Paracute, Lucky Coins, and Icy Escort.

Other games I'd wholeheartedly recommend are Coin Drop, Fingerzilla, Robot Unicorn Attack, Jailbreaker 2, Valet Hero, Orbital, Fare City, Auditorium (requires sound or headphones), You Don't Know Jack, Tiny Wings, Fly Kiwi Fly, and any of the hidden object games by Big Fish Games.
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100 Rogues
I Dig It (and its sequel)
If you sweet talk David Dunham fast enough you can get in on the beta test for the beyond fabulous King of Dragon Pass iOS version (so, so good).
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Salomon's Boneyard (kinda dual stick shooter meets Diablo)
or an action RPG like Inotia or Samurai Girl
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The sparse but compelling lasers&prisms puzzling of Chromatron is well-mimicked for the iPhone by MysticalColors.

Other recent iPhone/iPad games AskMe here.
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I haven't actually played it, but I've heard good things about Infinity Blade
I need to purchase Death Worm
I've just got addicted to Tiny Tower but objectively its pretty bad
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If you sweet talk David Dunham fast enough you can get in on the beta test for the beyond fabulous King of Dragon Pass iOS version (so, so good).

holy shit the Let's Play of this game consumed a whole week of my time. can't believe I'll get to play it!
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Alright, thanks friends. I went with Plants v. Zombies, Zenbound 2, and Battleheart. Soloman's Keep is currently free, so that was a no brainer. Much appreciated!
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*Soloman's Boneyard
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If you need more (and like cards) I have burned a lot of time* in Solebon, which has one of the most frustrating solitaire games I have ever played** - Scorpion - when I do beat it, I feel pretty darn good.

* As in, total play time of 77:52:54 as of today
** And a current win percentage of 6.6% - that's 83 out of 1260. Ouch. And yet if it were easy, I wouldn't keep playing it...

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My super awesome iPhone game, MathFall, is free until August 3rd :)

MathFall in iTunes Store
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Groove coaster.
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