Puedo trabajar?
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I'm investigating the possibilities of working as independent contractor for a US company while under a student visa in Spain. YANML, but can you help point me in the right direction?

I'm leaving on a student visa to Spain soon. Upon giving my notice at work, I proposed the possibility of me working part-time remotely for them. Can you point me in the right direction to figure out the various legalities?

Since the company is not Spanish based, does that sidestep the hurdle of the visa restrictions on working?

I understand that I would be classified as an independent contractor and be responsible for the US taxes and social security, etc.

YANML, but what type of lawyer or resource would be best to speak to regarding this? Are there any websites that may be helpful in learning more? Websites can be in English or Spanish.
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Just to clarify, you're a U.S Citizen and current resident who will be in Spain?
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Yes, US Citizen, currently a resident in CA, who will be on a student visa to Spain.
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Keep these totally separate. There is no compelling need to report this contracting situation to Spain when it may well fuck up your student visa. (Where I live, students with visas can work part-time but are specifically barred from self employment.) Keep your US account, have your former employer pay invoices into that account, and withdraw funds in cash using an ATM card in Spain as needed. Declare and pay taxes on this income in the US in the usual expat way.
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