Connecting LG DVD Player to Mac
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I've got LG BD 390 Blu-Ray networked DVD player. Wondering if there's a way to stream/share movies (in various formats) from my Mac wirelessly to the DVD player. Not sure if this requires special software, etc.
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Looks like it supports DLNA media sharing, so you will most likely need to run some software on your Mac that supports this; you'll find the relevent information on pages 45-48 of the user manual, available here.
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great, thanks!
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Just a heads-up -- I've spent some time fiddling with my parents' LG BD390 and have found that it's WiFi reception is seriously unreliable. It had trouble maintaining its connection to the network and warned of a weak signal when my Macbook, put in the same place, was at full signal strength. If you're having trouble getting the DLNA streaming going, definitely try using a wired connection between the BD player and the router before assuming that you haven't set up your DLNA server yet.

Speaking of which, there really isn't a go-to DLNA server app for the Mac that I know of. XBMC has a pretty good built-in DLNA server, and there are plenty of other options out there both paid and free, and it seems like different folks have had different amounts of success with each, depending on what other device(s) they're trying to use it with.
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there really isn't a go-to DLNA server app for the Mac

I have used Twonky Server with our PS3 and Xbox360.

Worked for me when I needed it, but now I run all my video jukebox needs straight from a Mac mini so I don't use it any more.

Worked fine with all the codecs that the PS3 and Xbox360 supported, though Sony and Microsoft arbitrarily restrict what codecs their clients support, so it was really the clients that were the problem at the end of the day.
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I use llink because I wrote it, but the main popular tonky, wizzd, mediatomb, myihome, xbmc.

If it is wifi player, you can play anything under 720p, but higher tends to be spotty. Your player might not have much media format support, if so you nede to look at software that can transcode.

If you wanted to buy a different mediaplayer, I can recommended any of the NMT clones, like popcornhour.
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