Simultaneous dual band wireless access point needed.
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I'd like to find a good simultaneous dual band wireless access point (not router) for my home. Must broadcast N and G. Anyone have a good experience with one?
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I've been using a pair of Buffalo WHR-HP-G300Ns - one as the main router/AP, and another as a non-router slave for WDS and they were dead simple to set up. The outside of the little case has a little toggle that disables routing for using it as a WDS bridge, and it does N/G fine.

Incidentally, many people love this particular unit (and its ilk) because it ships with DD-WRT already on it. I love DD-WRT and used it for a long time on older Linksys APs, but I found that there were some performance issues related to the wireless drivers it uses on the Buffalo hardware. I ended up installing Buffalo's firmware instead (they include it on a CD in the box) and while the feature set is nowhere as rich as DD-WRT and the UI leaves a bit to be desired, the performance has been bulletproof ever since. Not a single dropped packet or freezeup in many months now. Newegg has them for around $40.
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