5 Digit SMS number
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How does one go about procuring one of those magic 5 digit SMS numbers? For instance: 46645 (googl) is the SMS interface to google.
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They're called shortcodes, and a quick Google will turn up loads of companies who'll sell you one.
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In the United States, common short codes (CSCs) are issued by the Common Short Code Adminstration, which is the agent for the CTIA (the wireless industry association).

Some things to note:
* Just because you have a CSC doesn't mean it works with all mobile operators--each operator can accept or reject a code at their sole discretion.
* A random code will set you back $500/mo and if you want a custom code (like "GOOGL") that's $1000/mo. And you have to sign up in 3/6/12 mo blocks and pay your bill up front.
* US CSCs don't work internationally (or vice versa)
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