Help my SO reunite with his stuff.
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Boyfriend is biking down the West coast. His suitcase is in Montreal. It needs to get to LA by the end of August, before we leave for an extended trip to Australia. We don't know anyone in LA to whom we can ship the suitcase. Help?

Our friend-of-a-friend in LA, who had previously agreed to let us ship the suitcase to her, has suddenly moved away.

Is there a way to ship this suitcase to, say, the Greyhound depot or some other shipping place, without a receiving address?

For various reasons, I can't really take the second suitcase on a Montreal-LA flight with me.
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Best answer: you might be able to set up a mailboxes etc type box in LA and have it delivered there.
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Are you staying overnight in LA at all? If so, check with your hotel. I might be able to receive it for you, as long as they had a reservation under the same name.
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Best answer: Yeah, Mailboxes Etc (now the UPS Store) locations will typically offer "package-receiving services" (that's what we called it when I worked there). You shouldn't even need a box—just call up a location and ask if they'll do it. Probably cost a couple of bucks.
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My company routinely has labware and equippment shipped to hotels. If you're staying at one, that's the way I'd go -- just call the hotel to make sure they are aware of it. I usually don't have trouble with shipments arriving a day or so before the person, either (although I do always call to confirm with the hotel, just in case).
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Best answer: UPS Store very near LAX, and it says it offers the package-receiving services adamrice mentioned. Has their phone and email contact info.
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USPS will hold General Delivery mail for 30 days at the main post office for an area.
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Seconding Mitheral. I hiked a long stretch of the Appalachian Trail and it was common practice to have things mailed to post offices marked (Hold for Hiker roue).
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The post offices along the trail are used to this. Individual post offices might not follow regulations that they aren't aware of. I would call any post office ahead of time to make sure.
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