Did Sappho write about the love lizard?
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Did I imagine this Sappho fragment describing love as a "terrible lizard?"

I'm trying to remember a poem/fragment, most likely by Sappho or another Greek poet (this association is shaky and possibly manufactured by my brain--not sure who the author was, and this might be what's impeding my Google-skills) where love was described as a lizard.

All Google will yield to me is a fragment where Sappho describes love as "terrible" using the Greek word δεινος, which sort of has the connotation of dinosaur, terrible, lizard, etc., but I'm holding out hope that the line really exists which has a specific lizard reference, and I'd love to find it. I'm hoping the hive mind has better recall powers than me?
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Have you read If Not, Winter by Anne Carson? She translates a lot of Sappho fragments, sometimes I think a bit freely. It is a pretty amazing book.
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Best answer: This one?

With his venom
and bittersweet

that loosener
of limbs, Love

strikes me down
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Best answer: Admiral Haddock's looks like a likely candidate, but there's also this (translation by Guy Davenport):

Percussion, salt and honey,
A quivering in the thighs;
He shakes me all over again,
Eros who cannot be thrown,
Who stalks on all fours
Like a beast.

Eros makes me shiver again
Strengthless in the knees,
Eros gall and honey,
Snake-sly, invincible.
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I take it back; ours are the same answer. If you have jstor access you can find a bit more about what's doing all this crawling and limb-loosening.
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In case it helps, that seems to be Mary Barnard's translation in Admiral Haddock's link.
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I'm almost positive she didn't because if Sappho had ever referred to something that could be interpreted as "dinosaur" (terrible lizard) we would never have heard the end of it. It would've been lovely, though.
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Response by poster: I think the "snake-sly" or "reptile-like" is definitely what I was looking for. Thank you!
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