Video within a still image with Final Cut.
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This is a Final Cut question: I would like to show an image with a video inside it. More specifically, so the question is clear, I would like to show (in my video) a fake website that has an embedded video. So, "the website" will be a still image, but there is video within it. I hope that's clear. Would really appreciate any help!
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Best answer: Ok, surprisingly simple actually...

1) Take the image of the website once imported into FCP and drag it to the timeline. Pull on the ends to get it to be however long you want it to be.

2) Import the video that will be "embedded" to FCP, and drag that as well to the timeline make sure to drop it in a different video layer than the one you dropped the picture into. I believe the default is two video channels... V1 and V2. Put the video in V2, which will make it appear on top of the picture.

3) Turn on the wire frames for video. I don't FCP in front of me right now but it's one of the icons in the bottom right hand corner of the rightmost video box.

4) Have the video clip selected and grab the corner of the wire frame and drag it inward - making the whole thing smaller. Click on it and move it to fit the "hole" in your website.

5) Muck around a little to get the size/perspective right.

6) Done!

Good luck!
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jay.eye.elle.elle. has got it. The only other thing I was going to mention is that, if you want to dissolve in or out, put your incoming or outgoing video on another track above your composition, otherwise you'll be dissolving only one layer of your comp.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!!
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