getting rid of smudge inside lcd laptop screen?
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I accidentally got some soda fall on the LCD screen of my Compaq CQ56 laptop, and seconds later, a smudge appeared on the lower right side of the screen (everything on that area appears lighter when it is on). It looks like the liquid got inside the screen, and I don't know what to do about it. Can anyone help?

For the time being, I removed the battery and have the laptop off
(fortunately, no soda touched the keyboard or any other area of the laptop). I did a lot of googling (and searches through mefi), but most of the responses suggested that the LCD monitor had to be replaced...while others suggested leaving the laptop for in a dry place for several days so that the moisture inside the screen would fully evaporate. I also read about a DIY solution where someone put their laptop next to a incandescent lamp, and after two days, the water/liquid damage disappeared, but the person never really explained how he placed the laptop near the lamp. I'm a struggling student, and I don't have the money to pay for a repair. I'm also pretty peeved because I've only had this laptop for two months. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Hair dryer to speed up the evaporation process?
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Best answer: You might be out of luck on the drying solution, due to the sugar in the soda. Shutting down the computer and letting the water dry might work, but odds are soda will leave gunk still. You can let it dry in any fashion, I think, just make sure its dry. Maybe you'll get lucky!

But, if not, you probably don't have to replace the laptop. If the screen is damaged to the point you can't handle it, you could get a new screen on the cheap and replace it yourself(youtube link).

Good luck!
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I plonked my laptop in front of a fan heater for a few hours, keeping it well back so it didn't overheat - heat will work, but it takes a while.
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Response by poster: I think I'm going with Bessel's suggestion and buying/repairing the screen myself if the smudge doesn't go away after a few days. Thx for your responses everyone!
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If you have access to a wet/dry vac* try applying for several seconds it to every crack and crevice you have before doing one of the other drying things. I had the same thing happen after spilling a late on my laptop. (Ugh, milk.) The vac + drying got rid of the wonky bit.

*Almost certainly a normal vacuum cleaner will work fine too, but don't come crying back if a small amount of soda munges it up too.
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Please let it dry out for 24 hours first. That location is near the inverter board for the LCD. Liquid on it can short the system. Consider replacing it at the same time as replacing the screen while you have everything apart.
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