Asynchronous instant messaging doesn't really cut it.
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How do I get MS Communicator to pop up when someone is attempting to communicate?

When my work first moved me on to Windows 7, it came with MS Communicator for instant messaging. When someone sent me a message, the app would pop up. Since then, for reasons beyond my ken, we had a company-wide roll-out of Win7, which meant my machine got a reinstall. Since then Communicator stays meekly in the taskbar, so I never notice if someone is messaging me.

I've hunted around for some preference option to get back the pop-up behaviour, but without luck. Can anyone tell me how to get my instant messages instanter?
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Best answer: This might be slightly off topic of what you're looking for. I've always found MS Communicator to be very clunky compared to other IM solutions. If you're not using a lot of the integration features with MS Office, Pidgin with a SIPE plugin works great in my environment. SIPE is what allows it to connecto to a MS Communicator server.

As for Communicator itself, make sure you have the latest patches if using R2. Make sure you're only logged into the client in one location. Make sure your status is set to "Available" as it may hide messages if you are set to "Busy" (Outlook schedules will affect this status as well so be aware of how you put things in your calendar).

Also, on a Windows settings level. Right-click on your taskbar tray (on the clock works) and select "Customize Notifications." Ensure that Communicator is always visible and is showing notifications.
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Response by poster: I have no choice on the app in question, but that 'customise notifications' area is what I was looking for. You have my thanks, and those of most of my team!
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