Vista attempting to update a phantom program
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How do I stop Vista from trying to install an update for a program I don't have installed?

For some reason, Vista has decided that I need to install a security update for Powerpoint 2007 (KB982158) despite the fact I've never had Powerpoint installed on this computer.

I've tried deselecting the update, but it reselects itselt. I've tried 'hiding' it, but it reappears. I've tried ignoring it, but every time I turn the machine off, it insists on attempting to install the update and (unsurprisingly) fails.

Why does Vista think I need this update, and how do I convince it otherwise?
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Is there a reason why you do not want to install the update?
posted by phil at 4:15 PM on July 28, 2011


* I've never had powerpoint on the machine
* Every time I reboot the machine, it tries to install the update, fails, and then moans that it has an update to install.
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sorry about that. i missedwhere you mentioned that the patch fails to install.
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It might be a patch for the Powerpoint runtime, which you may actually have, or have had.

By the "runtime" what I mean is the code to display .ppt files, as opposed to the ability to create them.

Maybe the solution is to install it.
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In theory you should be able to install PowerPoint, let the patch install, then uninstall PowerPoint.

That would be onetime pain vs a recurring pain. So it might be worth it. (Assuming you have a free or already paid for version of PowerPoint at your disposal.)
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