How to take antibiotics
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Instructions for taking antibiotics

Following light surgery for a tooth implant, I'm on antibiotics (penicillin) with the following instructions on the label: "Take 1 tablet 4 times a day 1/2 hour before meals and at bedtime."

Is there a pharmaceutical reason for the "1/2 hour before meal" specification, or is that just a way to obtain spacing over the course of the day? Would it make more sense to space evenly irrespective of mealtimes? If I do it their way, the spacing isn't very even.

I know you are not my doc, or pharmacist, blah blah.

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Best answer: Yes, it's an uptake issue. If you take it on a full stomach the uptake of the penicillin is reduced.
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Best answer: This is probably to prevent nausea or to aid in the apsorption of the medicine.
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Best answer: Mister Fabulous would seem to be correct.
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When I've been on antibiotics, I've noticed that taking them around the time I have a meal makes my stomach less upset. That could just be subjective experience, though.
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