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Anyone know of a good resource for retro computer artwork?

For a project I'm working on, I'd like to reference some digital artwork from the early days of computing— old-school clip-art, lo-res pixel paintings, screenshots from adventure games or other vintage computer games. Particularly interested in dithered grayscale pixel paintings in the 512px horizontal resolution range. I feel like there is an endless treasure trove of this stuff, if only based on my vague memories of gaming on a Mac SE, and it seems like something that would be a prime candidate for some geek assembling into an online archive, yet I haven't been able to track down such a resource yet. Any leads? There's a small collection of stand-alone artwork created with MacPaint here, but I know there's much more to be pulled from the early gaming world...
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HyperDither will recreate the Mac B&W dither that you crave.
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Hmm, looking through their comparison I'm not really seeing much difference between that dithering algorithm and the one Photoshop uses. In any case, I actually prefer the pattern-dither that mac Photoshop's Indexed Color mode offers, now I'm just looking for art reference materials..

I did find this great collection of ASCII/ANSI art from the BBS-era in a previous question, but what I'm looking for is stuff of a later vintage.
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Macintosh Garden has lists of "abandonware" mac games. You can browse by year.
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