Writing podcasts?
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Are there any podcasts that focus on writing? I'm not looking for shows that just feature different stories every week, I am looking for ones that feature writers talking about the craft of writing.

I'm looking to improve my own writing, so other resources are welcome, but I would specifically like to find a couple of podcasts that fit the bill.
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Writing Excuses
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Seconding Writing Excuses.

If you're interested in screenwriters/screenwriting, Creative Screenwriting magazine had a good podcast. The editor of the magazine and host of the podcast quit a few months ago (and has a new podcast, linked on the same page above) but there's a big archive of stuff to listen to there. (Note: some episodes are live Q&As, and some of those have terrible sound, so if you hit one of those don't write the whole series off, just try another one.)
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This may or may not be what you're looking for: Writers and Company from CBC interviews authors every week and they do talk about their craft but it's mixed in with a lot of other (very interesting!) conversation. Check out the show page for a link to their podcast
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The New Yorker fiction podcast is more about fiction than writing in general, but the conversation sections before and after the short story can be really fascinating looks into what authors think makes a good story.
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This episode of HyperCritical has some good stuff about writing (after they get all the Apple and technology stuff out of the way)
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Wordplay is a screenwriting blog with a lot of insight into the process (and business) of writing for film.
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Pilar Alessandra's On The Page is a great podcast specifically about screenwriting, but I have found it to be highly entertaining and useful for other kinds of writing, and encouraging about meeting your goals in general.
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Writing Excuses looks exactly like the stuff I'm looking for.

I followed the Creative Screenwriting cast for awhile, but it seemed pretty industry specific, and I'm more interested in the craft of writing prose. Thanks for the suggestions all!
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Back to Work covers this very, very often. In fact one could argue it's the theme of the show.
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I like I should be writing.
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This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but Popcorn Dialogues is two authors (and one author's husband, and the occasional guest author) analyzing the writing of movies (and some TV episodes) they watched and how the plots are structured. I think it's very useful discussion about how to handle writing.

They also run StoryWonk, a shorter writing podcast that covers various topics and wacky vocabulary words.
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A friend of mine has a podcast called Word Count (can't post itunes link from work). I listened to the first one, and it seemed very... self-absorbed. YMMV.
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