Moving truck rental 24 hour limitation
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I'm moving from St. Paul to Minneapolis this weekend. I have to be out of my old apartment by noon on Sunday, but am not allowed to move into my new one until after 4pm on Monday. This creates a problem because none of the local rental truck companies seem to be willing to rent out their trucks for longer than 24 hours. Am I really going to have to rent a truck and load and unload it into a storage facility for a day, and then rent another one the very next day, or is there some superior solution someone can think of? Surely this isn't the first time this issue has arisen. Thanks for any suggestions.
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What happens if you just keep it for longer? What's the fine?
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This creates a problem because none of the local rental truck companies seem to be willing to rent out their trucks for longer than 24 hours.

Are you calling them and asking, or are you just judging by the website.

U-Haul rents daily, weekly, and longer. Can't imagine why you'd have an issue getting one for such a short period of time, except that perhaps you got your reservation in late and the trucks they have are all booked for Monday already.

Enterprise also rents trucks in some areas.
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U-Haul and Penske routinely rent trucks for multiple-day moves. Have you investigated them?
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Have you talked about the possibility of storing your stuff in the basement of your old apartment or new apartment for the night? In the past, I've been quite flexible about move-in issues.
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I've found that the UHaul branches located in St. Paul tend to get overbooked on weekends & will only rent trucks for a couple hours at a time. But if you go to the suburbs (like the one in Blaine) you might have better luck. Every time I've been to that one, they've had tons of trucks still available.
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This might be too late, but have you looked in to PODS? They will pick up your stuff at one end and deliver it at the other end, storing it for the interim. It might be too late to book it now, but there's nothing stopping you from taking a look.
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Try a trailer rental if that helps but I can't imagine a Uhaul not being available for more than a day. what happens to the people who move out of state?
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If worst comes to worse, you can rent trucks from IKEA, I think you rent it in 90 minute chunks for $25 per chunk. They don't need to know, and probably don't care, what you're doing with it.
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Did you check out Budget or Penke? in the Bay area, y-haul will only rent for 24 hours for local moves(point to point is more) but Budget and Penske, which tend to rent more to businesses, allowed a two day (or more) rental for our wedding.

Also, try calling the local location. The manager may be willing to let you do more than the internet will.
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Have you checked Reddy Rents?

If you are going with a national chain, make it seem like a non-local move. Once we picked up a truck in Hudson, WI and returned it to St Louis Park and one we did St Cloud to Hopkins. Both times the website realized we needed more than one day. It will cost more upfront, but you usually get some extra mileage out of the deal instead of having to pay for the mile on shorter rentals.
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Response by poster: The problem I was having with U-Haul is when I called they said 24 hrs+ was no problem, and sometime soon a nearby dealer would get in touch with details on where to pick it up etc. But when the dealer did and I verified the 24 hrs+ requirement they said no way, they could not accommodate that. Then I tried again, and same thing happened. It seems that U-Haul has exceptionally poor coordination between their central switchboard and the local dealers. Then I started running down the list of local u-haul numbers, striking out at each. Some of that is probably due to the short notice I'm doing this on, so that's my fault.

Will try Penske and Budget, and check out Reddy Rents, IKEA, and Pods, though my impression of PODs is that it's considerably more expensive than other options. Storing in the basement of the old or new apt is not an option, unfortunately.

Thanks very much everyone.
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Ryder Truck Rental used to regularly rent trucks for more than 24 hours. You will have to pay a surcharge for keeping it overnight. Any of their locations should be able to help.

U-Haul has a corporate structure that makes things like that weird (as you've noticed), but if you were to drive to a suburban location and ask in person, they'll probably accommodate you.
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If you can't get a truck... Get one of the dollar move in specials that Public Storage has. It's only a dollar - plus - about 22 dollars for the paperwork fees. There is no commitment. You can move out anytime. Get a truck for a few hours - Rent a big 10' x 20' storage unit. Move your stuff in it. Wait a day get another truck. When you're all moved in to your new apartment - just vacate the storage unit (make sure to fill out the "moving out" paperwork at the office) and there is no additional cost.

Heck, I'll give you an extra day or two if you want to clean up the new apartment. (you know, change the toilet seat and all of that fun stuff)
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Screw Uhaul. The company screwed the founder out of everything. Go with Penske. Their trucks are newer, too. Rent the van if it works, same size as the 10' truck but easier to drive and cheaper on gas.
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U-Haul has poor coordination within one office, let alone between. Be thankful they didn't promise you a 24+h rental and then had no truck at all, which is my typical U-Haul experience. As best as I can tell, U-Haul basically makes their money off of people who can't afford a $100 rental or who don't know there's an alternative.

Budget, Penske, Ryder, Enterprise, Ryder, Hertz, Discount -- and check your yellow pages or equivalent too because there's probably a bunch of old-school independent rental companies that haven't made it to the web yet.
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I have had the best luck with the independent companies. Around here I could look on yelp and find a good one.

I have had AWFUL experience with U-Haul.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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