Cashew Fruit Juice in NYC?
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The wikipedia page for cashews says that the cashew apple (the fruit which produces the seeds we eat) is made into a fruit juice drink that is very popular in Brazil. Surely I can find this drink in New York City? Tell me where.

Apparently the fruit itself is fragile and therefore not exported, but surely they wouldn't have the same problem with the juice? That's my thinkin'.
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Although I don't recall it specifically, I'm sure you can find it ("suco de caju") at Rio Bonito (a Brazilian supermarket) -- 36 Av and 33 St, Astoria.

You should also be able to find the Spanish-speaking version of it (marañón) at a variety of restaurants and bodegas.
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Okay, thanks -- this is a good head start.
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Don't let it get on your clothes.
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warning, it's an acquired taste... smells very similar to 5-minute epoxy.
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aimedwander: the juice ? I've eaten the fruit, and it is delish .. Haven't had the bottled juice..
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Where can you get the fruit?
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The juice is exported and you can totally buy it in the states! I second going to the Brazilian grocery. If you get a choice: skip the concentrated version (add water) and get the juice (from concentrate) version. (You should get some acerola juice while you are making the trip.)

k5.user: you really tried the raw, unprocessed fruit...??? I've had it straight from the tree, in Brazil (so, nothing coming between me and my fresh cajú), and though the flavor is nice you forgot to mention the most interesting, annoying, and important factor:

The cashew fruit is astringent, and strongly so, at least in the wild. That means it dries your mouth out right fast, to the point of feeling numb. It's not cottonmouth but really numb. Related: You might be interested in this cashew processing article.
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Just a data point: They sell this at some of the Amish Market locations in Manhattan. I have also seen tetrapak caju juice at corner bodegas in Midtown West.
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I ate the fruit in Belize about 20 years ago. It had the cashew in the "casing" or "shell" on it coming out the bottom. Our guide mentioned how you could burn yourself with the seed (or, burn your friends in a manly "who can hold it on their bare skin longest" type of thing adolescents do..)

I don't remember the fruit being astringent, rather sweet and nectar like. (ie like a fresh peach, just as juicy/squishy and pulpy). I've wanted to eat one since, but never looked hard to find them.
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I get some every time I visit the food carts at the Red Hook ball fields. Also some pretty fucking delicious and cheap food.
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