How does one merge google-map pages?
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My google-maps has split into several pages - how can I see everything as one map?

I use the Android app "My Tracks" for my runs because I enjoy trying to systematically run on every single street in my city. The trouble is that after a while, google-maps starts making new pages and I lose the pleasure of seeing everything in one map.

Is there any way I can merge the maps to see them all on one page?

I guess I could split the city up into quadrants and then layer them on my tablet, but that seems a bit sloppy... especially since I travel a lot and run in new cities...

Any ideas?
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I'm not familiar with the "My Tracks" app, but it sounds like it's using the Google "My Maps" feature.

Having had a similar issue to this with some of my own maps, I ended up using a workaround in which you export the map to KML, and then plot that instead. The basic approach is outlined here
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