what is the best IRC app for Android phones - I miss #bunnies
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Best Android app for IRC? Is there an Android equivalent of Colloquy to be used on an Android? Looking for a quality app to use IRC on my phone.
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I liked yairc when I used it. What features are you looking for?
posted by devnull at 10:41 PM on July 27, 2011

Response by poster: Looking for an intuitive user experience. Slashnet client is blah. How did you like yairc?
posted by mlis at 11:23 PM on July 27, 2011

I've only used yairc on Android, so can't really compare, but I found it easy to use (swipe to change channels) with nickname alerting. Actively developed - did everything I needed!
posted by devnull at 12:34 AM on July 28, 2011

I use AndChat - its good enough that I've never bothered looking for an alternative
posted by handybitesize at 6:05 AM on July 28, 2011 [1 favorite]

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