Who threatened to install DOS 1.0 to torture an android?
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Where did I read a story that included someone threatening to install DOS 1.0 on a robot/android/uncooperative computer?

I have a distinct memory of reading about someone threatening or torturing a robot, android, or computer with a floppy disk containing DOS. And there was a point where they were revealed it was version 1.0, which was extra scary.

If it wasn't in a sci-fi story in print, it may have been some kind of interactive fiction thing on the old website zealot.com (which has been replaced with something totally unrelated).

I have a feeling it was online fiction of some kind, and that makes me afraid I'm never going to solve this puzzle.
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Could it have been a conversation with Pintsize, on the web comic Questionable Content?
posted by nita at 10:00 AM on July 28, 2011

That was my first thought, too - there's a Questionable Content in which an anthro-PC is threatended with the installion of Windows ME.
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Response by poster: Sorry, that's definitely not it. I'm pretty sure the story I'm remembering was prose, not comic form.
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