Psychiatrist in Boston/Cambridge?
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Psychiatrist recommendations in Cambridge, MA - additional snowflakey requirements below the fold!

A friend of mine is looking to treat his long-standing anxiety, and is looking for a psychiatrist to help. He's heard good things about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and wants to try it, but also wants a psychiatrist open to prescribing a relevant drug as well. He's in Cambridge, MA, and since he doesn't have a car, he'd strongly prefer something reasonably local. He's also a part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, so it would be super helpful if the doctor took that. Bonus points if the doctor is kind and personable! I know lots of MeFites live in the Cambridge/Boston area, so I thought I'd ask on the off-chance someone might have some good recommendations...
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I had a friend who had a very good experience in Cambridge with CBT for anxiety, maybe through Tufts? I'll contact the friend to figure out who they went to, but may not hear back for a day or so - MeFi mail me if I forget to post on this thread.
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The BU Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders might be worth checking into. They don't accept insurance upfront, but you can send your bills along to BCBS and they will help cover them. I've heard a lot of good things about them, my understanding is that they're very good, they will help with meds and they do mostly CBT, not psychological counseling.
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For the record, I do CBT plus meds for anxiety and it's worked wonders. Your friend is making a good choice.
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From my friend: "I was treated at the Boston University Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders, which is very involved in CBT treatment. I went to Dr. Todd Farchione, but many other doctors also do CBT there. Their website,, has lots of info. Can't say enough good things about them."
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Thank you all for your help; I really appreciate the suggestions! I will certainly pass this on to him...
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