Can you recommend a good optician in London?
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Can anyone recommend a good optician in London?

I've been going to Specsavers, but can never seem to find decent frames for glasses that suit me there (they don't offer custom adjustments for the width of the bridge or the lenses). And I always get very tired after wearing their contacts, despite them reassuring me that the contacts are fine and I would only get tired if I wear them for too long (I don't wear them for more than the 10-12 hours the Specsavers people recommend, and often much less.)

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Best answer: If you like glasses and have a bit of money to burn (not at all cheap, but not superhideously expensive either) then I'd recommend you have a look at Auerbach & Steele on the King's Road.

A lot of their stuff is quite quirky, so it's not to everyone's taste. But I'm not into quirky glasses and I got a good pair there. They've lasted well. I got great service and they steered me away from some frames I liked that, in retrospect, were not right for me. I had a minor issue with my glasses and they fixed it on the spot, no questions asked.

If I was looking for a pair of glasses I would go back there as my first port of call.
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Best answer: Similarly not cheap, but a couple of my friends have had luck with Spex In The City in Covent Garden.
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Best answer: I really like my optometrist. It's a little independent practice near Highbury tube, with a single highly skilled, kind, experienced optometrist: Fisheye Optometrist
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Best answer: I've been going to City Opticians on Chancery Lane for 15 years now and they are light years better than the chains.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I'll look them up.
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