Where are the anime-based radio dramas? =)
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Where can I purchase or download English audio and/or radio dramas based on animes? Is there a website that caters to such a medium? If not, which animes do you know that have been converted to an audio drama? Perhaps a podcast?

I recently came upon JesuOtaku's conversion of the manga/anime Fruits Basket into a radio drama. Being a fan both of anime and anything I can plug into an ipod, I was just thrilled when I discovered this incredible find. It made me wonder... Is there more?

I'm not talking about random audio books or random radio dramas--- they must be based on Japanese anime and manga! :D Yes, I want to feed my anime and manga addiction!

Where can I purchase or download English-language audio and/or radio dramas specifically based on anime stories?

Is there a website that caters to this trend? Perhaps a list?

Do you know of any English-language radio dramas or audio renditions
that are based on popular manga and/or anime?

Are there any English-language podcasts that enjoy the conversion of manga/anime into wonderful audio sets?

(Just so I'm clear, I don't mean to ask for music or radio stations that play music from animes... What I'm seeking is Radio theatre/Radio play/audio drama)

Thank you in advance... :-)
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Audio dramas based on anime and manga (and video games, etc.) are extremely common, but I've never come across one in English. I can't even imagine such a thing existing officially; from the producer's point of view there wouldn't be enough of an audience to warrant the expense. Unless fan-made works exist, you may be out of luck.
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