How do I make this shape in Powerpoint?
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How do I do this in Powerpoint?

My predecessor created some pretty cool Powerpoint presentations for my department that I now own, and there's just one thing I haven't been able to figure out in Office 2010.

The above link is a screenshot of the same thing pasted twice into a clean slide. The donut ring with the "flattened" look is what I'm trying to duplicate, but the Doughnut Chart tool doesn't allow you to do any 3-D rotations from what I can tell. The second ring on the screenshot is simply what you get when you do an Ungroup from the main ring. I didn't know if that would provide any clues.

Any Powerpoint gurus have a clue how to do this? Ultimately, we're wanting to add another block into the ring, which is why I'd rather know how to create it from scratch as I think manipulating all the individual blocks would be too much of a hassle.
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You may find the options you're looking for under
Format>Rotate>More Rotation Options>3D rotations.
This is PowerPoint2010.
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There's the rub, b33j... if I create the overall shape using the Doughnut Chart, I have absolutely no rotate options available to me under the Format area.

But going there on the original file does show me something interesting. When I highlight the donut in the original file, it shows "Drawing Tools" instead of "Chart Tools" at the top (and all the rotation options are available, FWIW). Is there maybe a way to generate the donut using the chart but then extract the actual ring of blocks from the chart and convert it to a generic bunch of shapes to mess with as I please, perhaps?
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Try copying the chart and on another slide paste special --> enhanced metafile. Then ungroup (from the "arrange" option).
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prenominal with the crucial first step, and b33j with step 2 to finish it off. Thank you both so much for the help!!
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