Multiple control panels for website administering?
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We are a small company with 3 subdivisions, each with their own sub-domain: Main Website: Sub Domain 1: Sub Domain 2: Sub Domain 3: Right now we can login to our webhost's control panel & admin our website. We are wondering if there's a web host out there that would give us a separate control panel for each subdomain so that the head of each division can admin his own subdomain?
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How does each subdivison admin their site? Through FTP or some kind of visual editor?
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If all each subdivison wants to do is to run a web site, you could install Wordpress at each subdomain. Wordpress, especially used with plugins, is pretty flexible and powerful so chances are that it can cover your use cases.
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Response by poster: Hi there, thanks for offering to help. Our biggest problem is that we want to give the head of "stuff" his own cpanel to admin as he pleases (change theme, visuals, content, etc) but not be able to admin the domain or the other sub-domains. The same goes for the head of "things" for, etc.

Right now we have a single c-panel that admins & all subdomains. So if the head of wants to change something on he needs to relay that info to another person (Whom will make the requested changes) instead of simply doing it himself.

Ultimately, we'd love to have c-panels from a host for the main site domain & each of the sub-domains.

Maybe this is not possible?
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In Plesk you can set up subdomains either by adding subdomain entries under the main domain, or by adding a subdomain as it's own top-level domain, with all the same rights and options as any other. This isn't apparent from any options in the GUI, but it does work. Just type the subdomain address where the address would go. I'm not as familiar with Cpanel but I imagine the setup is more or less similar.

If you can do this with Cpanel you might need WHM access to make it work. Since you are working with existing sites as opposed to brand new ones it might be tricky to put into effect, but probably not impossible. Perhaps the easiest but most tedious way is to recreate the subdomains as top level domains, and then move your files/databases/emails etc into place manually.
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My hosting has Cpanel and there is no option to create multiple cpanel accounts.

But it seems like the head of is doing typical CMS stuff? If that's the case, you could set up wordpress on his division's subdomain. Or is he also doing database stuff, handling email accounts, etc?
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