can i forward sms/calls from my work phone to my home phone?
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I may be getting an iPhone for work, would like to know how (or even if?) it is possible to forward SMS/calls to another (Android) phone -- but want to find out BEFORE I actually commit to taking the iPhone

basically I currently have a personal cell phone. I am about to basically be forced to get an iPhone...which I am actually somewhat open to getting. The thing is that during non-working hours, I would like to set up my iPhone to forward SMS/calls to my personal phone, on Android.

I am assuming that this can be done through Google Voice (or is another app/program out there better?) but have zero experience with GV...

Is this possible? as much as i deal with technology, i should alreay know how to do this, but dont :(
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Best answer: Do you mind if Google Voice rings _both_ of your phones during non-working hours?
That would be the easiest thing. Just give out your GV number instead of the iphone number, and set up GV to forward to both.
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Response by poster: it isnt going to bother me, as i wouldnt have the work phone on me during most of the non-working hours (sitting on a charger prob)

the thing is that i dont get to pick the phone # that will be used...i basically get the iPhone + phone number and go from there...
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Right, so the idea is to get a google voice #, and then set google voice to forward to your various phones (I think you can even set up the times) -- nobody ever has to know your iphone #.
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This page might be useful:

(Is this a GSM iPhone?)
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Response by poster: @brainmouse

the issue is that i get the phone number + iphone from work, dont get to pick the number :( i guess my answer would be to port that # to GV and go from there?


yes, pretty sure it is going to be ATT (GSM) vs Verizon (CDMA) -- thanks for that awesome link!

if it was just forwarding calls, wouldnt be a huge issue as i could just set up the call forwarding, but will also get work texts on it...

thanks so far guys!
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Best answer: No, I know, but it's irrelevant. Get a google voice number -- any number. Give people your google voice number for phone calls and texts. In google voice, set it so that when people call or text your google voice number, it forwards to your iphone/android depending on time/etc. Don't ever tell anyone your iphone number.
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Check your existing plan. I was issued an iPhone for work, and I just forward all my calls to it from my old phone and continue to give out my "old" phone number. I think I'm charged for one minute for each call forwarded, which meant I was able to a) keep my existing number, b) only carry one phone, and c) drop my service on the old number down to a very cheap ($10/month) plan.
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Yes, the iPhone has the standard call-forwarding features. Forwarding SMS's will depend on your provider. With the right provider and/or plan, there is no GoogleVoice (or 3rd party) needed.
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Response by poster: well it looks like GV may be my best option anyway, just get a GV number (local) and use it no matter what for work stuff...
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