Name that film.
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Need help identifying what was (I think) a horror film.

There was a movie playing (with no sound) on a television in a restaurant where I ate, very late on Saturday night, and images from it have been bugging me ever since. But I haven't been able to figure out what the movie was by using Google.

First of all, I *think* there were subtitles, but I'm not sure. So maybe a foreign film?

At first there was what appeared to be a nightmare scene -- closeups on a woman in bed, and closeups on a pipe in her apartment, and a laughing clown, and a monkey toy with cymbals. (The movie was NOT Steven King's "It," by the way.) There was also a shot of somebody being held upside down in the air and having his throat slit.

Later on, there was a woman sitting fully dressed in a bathtub, looking very frantic and desperate and possibly praying aloud. There were lots of quick cuts to other things going on -- maybe all in the same apartment building? Somebody kept ringing a doorbell and someone else was hammering the coils underneath his mattress.

The movie looked fairly recent. The people in it looked European, I think, though maybe I'm wrong about that.

I don't know why I think finding out the name of the movie will help me banish the disturbing images, but any help would be appreciated!
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Delicatessen, I think. Not a horror film, but very good!
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If that was, in fact, Delicatessen, the quick cuts aren't that disturbing (to me, at least) -- they're all going along to a soundtrack of a cellist practicing scales, so it's more quirky than weird.
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A later film by the same directorial team, City of Lost Children, is legitimately nightmarish. And, depending on how you feel about adorable filmmaking, so is Amelie, by one half of the team, Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Oh, and he also directed Alien: Resurrection, which has some of the same cast as Delicatessen, weirdly enough.
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Delicatessen. great film.

also check out Micmacs, it was done by the same director and is just as much fun.
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Yes, absolutely Delicatessen. It's on instant view right now. And it is either the sweetest quirkiest horror movie ever, or the most horrific sweet quirky movie ever. It's terrific. Personal top ten.
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